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From the Managing Director

Two days of intensive industry discussion and debate at ALC Forum 2018 resulted in a clear set of action items for ALC to pursue as part of its advocacy activities over the months ahead, leading to the anticipated released of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy late this year.

As is evident from the Forum communique, the conversations held at Forum canvassed a large number of regulatory and policy issues that affect all aspects of the industry. These conversations have helped to clarify a number of priorities for ensuring the ultimate effectiveness of the Strategy, and ALC will use these as the basis of its advocacy activities in the months ahead.

In many ways, the most fascinating aspect of Forum each year is the way that the discussions reveal the changing nature of the industry, and the economy in which it operates.

The term ‘social licence’ was not often heard just five years ago. Yet, at Forum this year, it was frequently applied throughout numerous panel sessions. Industry participants are clearly adjusting to the fact that our industry, like so many others today, must engage positively and collaboratively with the wider community in order to operate effectively.

This means all of us must make a greater effort to promote community awareness of the importance of efficient supply chains for businesses, households and consumer prices, and communicate honestly about the challenges associated with a growing population.

Likewise, technology and data featured far more prominently in discussions than in previous years. In particular, there is evidently now widespread acceptance that this industry needs to make data-gathering a high priority, and use that data to more effectively monitor performance and plan future investments.

Happily, the evolution and increasing affordability of technological solutions will make this easier. The immediate challenge is for the industry to work with governments to make certain we have the regulatory frameworks in place to unlock that potential.

It was particularly pleasing that ALC Forum 2018 was also the venue for the first major address to industry by the new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon. Michael McCormack MP. In the course of his address, the Deputy Prime Minister explicitly acknowledged the impact of ALC’s submission to the Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities, Freight Doesn’t Vote.

Given the content of that submission was drawn entirely from extensive industry engagement, we can be confident that industry’s views have been well reflected in the Inquiry’s report to the Minister.

As was noted by several contributors at Forum, our challenge over the months ahead will be to maintain that momentum, and ensure the Federal Government keeps industry’s priorities at the forefront of the Strategy’s development.

As in previous years, the 2018 edition of the ALC Yearbook, Future Freight Networks, will contain an extensive feature that provides detailed reports on what was discussed in each individual Forum session when it is published in late May. Further details will be available in a future edition of ALC Update.

Hard as it is to believe, the 2018/19 Federal Budget is now just five weeks away, and as ALC’s Budget submission noted, this year offers some important opportunities to build on some of the significant investments made last year (including Inland Rail and Western Sydney Airport) by enhancing critical freight infrastructure and embracing greater use of technology to promote greater supply chain efficiency and safety. 

Many of these initiatives were specifically referenced by senior political figures at Forum, most notably the urgent need to duplicate the freight rail line at Port Botany. Hopefully this year’s Budget is able to grasp these opportunities.

Next month will also see our inaugural ALC Supply Chain Technology Summit, being held in Melbourne on Thursday 10 May.

Further details are available later in this edition of ALC Update, but it’s still not too late for you to take advantage of the special earlybird rate for this exciting industry event.

Michael Kilgariff
Managing Director

Federal & State

Key Decision Makers at ALC Forum 2018
As noted above, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon. Michael McCormack MP, chose ALC Forum 2018 as the site of his first major address in relation to his new portfolio responsibilities.
ALC was also pleased to host the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development, Hon. Anthony Albanese MP, and the NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Hon. Melinda Pavey MP on the first day of Forum, so they could outline their policy priorities directly to industry. 
ALC Annual Report 2017

ALC has written to key ministerial, shadow ministerial and parliamentary committee figures at federal and state level to provide them with a copy of the ALC Annual Report 2017.

The Annual Report provides an overview of ALC’s key activities over the past 12 months, as well as setting out ALC’s position across a range of crucial policy issues.

Tasmanian State Election

ALC has written to the re-elected Premier of Tasmania, Hon. Will Hodgman MP, to congratulate him on achieving a second term in office. 

We have also written to the new Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Jeremy Rockliff MP and the new Minister for Planning, Hon. Roger Jaensch MP, to congratulate them on their new portfolio responsibilities.

As ALC noted in a post-election media release, the Hodgman Government made a number of commitments in relation to Tasmania’s freight network and investment in infrastructure over the next four years. We look forward to engaging positively with the state government to achieve those outcomes.

South Australian State Election

The recent election in South Australia has resulted in a change of government, and ALC has written to the new Premier, Hon. Steven Marshall MP and the new Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government and Minister for Planning, Hon. Stephan Knoll MP to congratulate them on their new positions.

As ALC noted, it is especially positive to see a single Minister having responsibility for both the transport and planning portfolios. Greater coordination across these key areas is essential in minimising the impact of urban encroachment on the operation key freight logistics infrastructure.

It is also pleasing to note the incoming government has committed to the establishment of an independent infrastructure advisory body, Infrastructure South Australia, which will have responsibility for developing a long-term infrastructure plan for South Australia.

Launch of Infrastructure Priority List

ALC attended that launch of Infrastructure Australia’s (IA) 2018 Infrastructure Priority List in Canberra last week.
The launch of the 2018 Infrastructure Priority List. Pictured (left to right): Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon Michael McCormack MP, CEO of Infrastructure Australia Phillip Davies, Chair of Infrastructure Australia Julieanne Alroe, and ALC Managing Director Michael Kilgariff.

IA’s work in helping governments determine infrastructure investment priorities is enormously important for the freight logistics industry. 

As you will recall, it was IA that first recommended the development of a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy as part of its Infrastructure Audit in 2015, and included the Strategy on the 2016 Infrastructure Priority List

The Strategy remains a high priority initiative on the 2018 list, signifying its importance as a national economic initiative.

Draft NSW Freight and Ports Strategy

ALC has provided a submission to Transport for NSW on their Draft NSW Freight and Ports Plan.

In our submission, ALC has highlighted that:
  • It is vitally important that the Final NSW Freight and Ports Strategy and the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy work together to achieve the shared goals of greater supply chain safety and efficiency.
  • Planning issues, such as urban encroachment and corridor protection, must be recognised and addressed by the NSW Government. On this note, it was pleasing to see the NSW Government earlier this week outline a plan to protect four future transport corridors.
  • Duplication of the Port Botany rail line remains a key infrastructure project for the industry; and
  • The NSW Government should look to engage with industry, and developers, to improve freight delivery to CBD and inner urban areas. 
ALC Submission to the Inquiry into the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Other Amendments Bill (2018)

ALC made a brief submission to a Queensland Government inquiry formed to examine the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Other Amendments Bill Qld (2018).

In our submission, ALC recommends that the Queensland Parliament pass this Bill without amendment.

Inquiry into Heavy Vehicle Safety and Use of Technology to Improve Road Safety

ALC has provided a submission to the Inquiry into Heavy Vehicle Safety and Use of Technology to Improve Road Safety, which is currently being undertaken by the Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety (Staysafe Committee) - a Committee of the New South Wales Parliament.

The submission affirms ALC’s consistent view that telematics should become compulsory in heavy vehicles, in the interests of enhancing road safety.

The submission and its accompanying media release also sets out a four stage blueprint for the introduction of mandatory telematics, consistent with ALC’s long-established position.

ALC will appear before the Committee in Sydney on Monday to further support the positions set out in our submission.

Industry News

Fatal Heavy Vehicle Crashes Australia Quarterly Bulletin

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has released their Quarterly Bulletin on Fatal Heavy Vehicle Crashes in Australia for the October 2017 – December 2017 quarter.

The Bulletin finds that, in the 12 months to the end of December 2017, 185 people died from 168 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks. This amounts to a 2.4% increase in the number of fatal crashes involving heavy trucks compared to the corresponding period one year earlier (to the end of December 2016).
Despite this the number of fatalities from heavy truck trashes decreased by 13.2% in the December 2017 quarter, compared to the December 2016 quarter.
Study a Welcome Step in Enhanced Freight Rail Efficiency
ALC joined with the Australian Railway Association this week to welcome an announcement that the Federal and Queensland Governments will joints fund a $1.5 million study examining ways to enhance freight rail connections to the Port of Brisbane.
Improving these connections, including the establishment of a dedicated freight rail connection to the Port of Brisbane, is essential in order to fully realise the economic benefits of the Inland Rail project. The announcement of this study is a welcome first step in achieving that objective.
You can read the joint ALC/ARA media release here


Supply Chain Technology Summit – Earlybird Registrations Now Open

ALC will host its inaugural Supply Chain Technology Summit in Melbourne on Thursday, 10 May 2018.

Technology is already a major component of the logistics supply chain and will play an important role in the supply chains of the future.

Summit sessions will include Blockchain, the role of big data, collecting better data on freight movements, port community systems, the potential for Artificial Intelligence and augmented/virtual reality to enhance workforce productivity, adapting to automation, global data standards, and driving better safety outcomes through heavy vehicle telematics.

Earlybird registrations are now open and run until 10 April. Further program details will be announced very shortly.

2018 Inland Rail Conference

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) invite you to save 18 & 19 July 2018 in your diaries for the 2018 Inland Rail Conference in Parkes, NSW.
2018 is a year of delivery for Inland Rail with construction due to commence on the Parkes to Narromine section of the track, making this inaugural industry-led conference a must-attend event.
The two-day Conference will bring together key players involved in the Inland Rail project to discuss how this nationally significant infrastructure project will transform the movement of freight in Australia, what it means for the Australian freight industry and the benefits it will deliver for national freight customers.
Save the date now to ensure you don’t miss this important industry event at Parkes – the centre of the historic Inland Rail line.

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